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Thursday, September 28th, 2023

How do I know when my Dryer Vent Needs cleaning?

Dryer Vent Cleaning

So, you’re unsure if your Dryer Vent is in need of cleaning, well, we can help.  Here are 4 easy steps to best test your dryer vent’s efficiency, Tools you will need: a screwdriver & your wheaties:

Step 1. Slide your dryer away from the wall, exposing the metal tube in the back.(wheaties)

Step 2. Disconnect the metal tube from the opening in your wall.(screwdriver)

Step 3. Dry a load of laundry.

Step 4. Check your laundry!

If the laundry has dried in a reasonable time, or faster than usual, it’s time for your dryer vent to be inspected for cleaning.  Don’t forget to do Steps 2, 1 when it comes to putting your dryer back together.

Let us help the efficiency of your dryer by inspecting and setting up annual dryer vent cleaning.  Don’t endanger your family with a possibility of a house fire, over 15,000 homes a year are affected by this simple maintenance.

Dryer Vent Before After